Coir Woven Geo Textile

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March 29, 2019
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March 30, 2019

Coir Woven Geo Textile

Product Description

Coir Geo textile is also called as erosion control coir mats, Geo mats, geo blankets etc.


It is widely used to control soil erosion in river canal, construction of road, prevention of slopes from sliding with plantation, Ponds construction.

  • 100% Natural , exo friendly and bio degradable
  • Very Economical compared to synthetics
  • Natural fiber and very long life
  • Ideal for landscaping.
  • Even it is used as mulch mat for plantation
  • This also used for weed control mat
  • Even after decay it become natural organic manure.


  • Woven coir Geo textile
  • Non Woven coir Geo textile

Product Details

Specification ( Woven Geo Textile )
Yarn Thickness Roll size (width x Length ) Weight (gm/M2) No of roll per 40 ‘f Total area in s.meter
6 MM (2 x 50 ) 700 180 18000

Non Woven Geo Textile

Several types of non woven geo textiles exist. Most non woven mats are made from loose fibers., which are interlocked by needling or rubberizing. Non-woven mats are available in several dimensions. They have a minimum thickness of two mm. The non-woven geo textiles are categorized into three groups. (a) Coco logs (b) Coir fiber beds (c) Coir needle felts.

Product Details

Specification ( Non-Woven Geo textile- Needle Felt )
Variants Thickness Roll Size GSM Min. Order Quantity in s.meter
Plain 8-10 MM (1-2 x 50 ) 400-1000 1000
With latex 8-10 MM (1-2 x 50 ) 400-1000 1000
With pvc net 8-10 MM (1-2 x 50 ) 400-1000 1000