Coir Carpet (Power Loom)

Coir Fiber Pots / Coco Pots
March 29, 2019
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March 29, 2019

Coir Carpet (Power Loom)

Product Description

Coir Floor mats/ Carpets are made out of weaving of coir fiber yarns in different designs and color combination. Quality of the matting is determined by the type of yarn and weave used. Widely used for floor coverings and floor runners for furnishing stairs/corridors. Also used for wall paneling, ceiling, lining and echo-control. It is eco friendly and washable. Used for indoor and outdoor. Largely used places like temple, church, Mosque, Communality hall like marriage halls, office, lawns etc.

Coir Window Planters

Item Size (Width X Length) Total Area In square Feet Total Area in Square Meter
Coir Floor Carpet Rolls ( Red , Natural Brown, Red & Black, 3 colors) 120 CM ( 4 Feet) X 50 Meters (164.04 Feet) 656.16 60.95
150 CM ( 5 Feet) X 50 Meters (164.04 Feet) 820.20 76.2
180 CM(6 Feet) X 50 Meters (164.04 Feet) 984.24 91.4
200 Cm (2-Meter) X 50 Meters (164.04 Feet) 1076.26 100
Thickness 8-10 MM
Weight Average -2.2 Kg per Square meter
Packing Covered as roll with PP and stitched
Size of packing Roll top diameter 90-100 cm / Length ( 120cm, 150 cm,180 cm, 2 meter)