Stainless Steel Planters

25 CM Coir Pot
February 15, 2019
FRP Planters
March 28, 2019

Stainless Steel Planters

Product Description

We supply Stainless Steel Planters in different type of shapes. This shapes can Cylinder, Square, Rectangular, Conical, can be customized.

Product Details

Cylinder in Cm
12x12 14x14 18X18 20X20 25X25 30X30 35X35 40X40 45X45 50X50 30X60 30X75 30X90
Cone( Height X Top Diameter x Bottom Diameter) CM
20x20x16 40x40x30 60x40x30 80x40x30
Rectangle ( L x B X H ) CM
60X 20X20 75X25X25 80X30X30
Tapper Square (Top Diameter x Bottom Diameter X Height in Cm
30x20x55 40x30x75 40x30x90